WordPress or Joomla?

From highly customized corporate sites, to custom
webshops, to small business websites and personal blogs.

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We are ready to hit hard and with great accuracy. Our knowledge supported by many years of experience enables us to come up with efficient and useful websites & shops.

Joomla and WordPress lovers…

Equally important as the lay-out (also called ‘frontend’) to impress with a professional website, is the system on which all this tech-stuff is running on (the code monkeys named that ‘backend’). We don’t want any unauthorized access to your content. That’s one of the reasons we choose the most popular content management systems: Joomla and WordPress. Both are being continuously developed and improved, so you can fully trust them to provide stable and secure web content software systems. We are using open source systems and we are making sure that websites we build, configure and deliver can be managed by any user.

We deliver websites in Joomla and WordPress. Using this CMS software you can manage your website anywhere whenever you have internet access. Joomla and WordPress are both user friendly and intuitive; anyone can maintain a successful website. When we have discussed your project and have a few cups of coffee, we decide together which CMS suits you best.

‘Do I need a course to maintain my website?’

We’re experts in Joomla and WordPress. Trust us and we build and deliver a secure, professional website which you can manage by yourself:

  • add, change or delete your text and photos
  • add extra pages
  • manage media (photos and videos)
  • start communicating with visitors of your website
  • and much more

It doesn’t matter if you are a Rookie or a Pro. If we say that anyone can maintain their website then we mean exactly that! A professional website may look complicated in the frontend but that doesn’t mean it’s hard to manage in backend. We like to keep it simple, you too?

Ready to start a project? Would you like to get familliar with Joomla or WordPress or you are looking for an agency which can (re)build your website? Don’t hesitate and contact us today.

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