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Why Joomla?

Joomla! CMS is a good choice for websites that need to be updated regularly. Previously you had significant technical skills (HTML, programming) to your own website to maintain. Joomla ensures that everyone can maintain their own website. This allows you to change text and images, or easily add new pages. The sky is the limit, which in this case means that you can add as much content as your hosting package allows in space on the server.

Advantages of Joomla!

  • You are no longer dependent on a web developer if you want to maintain your website. And that of course saves costs!
  • You adapt your website anytime at: no longer dependent on the availability of your web developer.
  • No (expensive) maintenance program required or HTML / programming skills.
  • Joomla! is modular and therefore easily expandable with convenient and fun extras that are called Extensions. For almost any application can be found on the Internet is an extension.

Why a Joomla! Hiring expert?

Joomla! you can compare a Swiss Army knife. In the hands of an expert can Joomla! do thousands of things. But give it changed to a child and all.

NILMEDIA has experienced Joomla! experts who can make the most of your website. We can take over the entire development process, your ideas or wishes to advise and execute it for you. We know you’re busy enough with other things.

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